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    Huab Lodge, situated in Damaraland Namibia, began as an idea to generate funds to save Namibia's desert–dwelling elephants from being harassed and shot. Since 1992 awareness has increased, as has tourism and the “value” of the elephant is changing. The original farmland is a small, unique area called Monte Carlo which boasts stunning views bisected by the mostly dry Huab River. The former rest camp which accommodated tourists in the 1970's now houses the lodge’s staff. At a special site just down river from the old rest camp, where the Germans built the so-called German Bath in the late 1800's, Huab Lodge was erected. Despite its size the unique main building blends well into its surroundings. The irregular thatch roof mirrors a mountain on the opposite bank. The lodge's stone and thatch bungalows spread along the elevated north bank of the river ensuring a private and magnificent view – even from the shower!

    Huab Lodge with all it has to offer and being off the beaten track is not a place for a single night-stop. You should allow several days to enjoy and absorb the tranquillity and quiet, the welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, and the many activities at the lodge. There is an airstrip directly nearby the lodge.

    After a sumptious and leisurely breakfast, when you have had a little time for yourself, maybe to sit at the bird hide or soak in the thermal bath, you can go on a drive in the open vehicle. There are many different routes to take over the 8,000 hectare nature reserve into different scenic formations, into the rocky mountains or along the dry river beds.

    The sundowner drive will position you in a place with a great view to enjoy the setting sun with a mandatory gin and tonic or whatever your choice may be! The variety of wildlife and birds will delight the nature lover and the photographer alike. At Huab Lodge there are around 210 bird species of which nine are endemic and near endemic.

    The water at the hot spring is soothing and healing. It is maintained between 37 and 40 degrees and has no sulphur. You may want to follow a soak with a choice of one of the many treatments available with our masseur.

    This remote location has no light pollution which enables stargazing and skywatching like at few other places in the world.

    Huab Lodge's Natural Thermal Spa:

    The natural thermal spring at Huab Lodge bubbles up out of the ground at about 60 degrees Centigrade and is maintained in the wallowing pool between 37 and 40 degrees. There is a cold pool next to it which is about 22 degrees. The thermal bath is located beneath a sweeping thatched roof below a typical granite koppje of the area. Deck chairs and pool beds welcome you to day-dream in this unique Namibian scenery, relax and look inside yourself or just watch the colourful birds at the birdbath.

    The roof is cut away so the southern skies are visible when wallowing at night, listen to the jackals, owls and barking geckos while you're there. The minerals in the water are soothing and sometimes healing, especially in combination with the water temperature, the ambience is soul food, the pH is neutral.

    Wellness and bliss at Huab Lodge:

    Our resident wellness therapist is professionally trained to minister to your needs and to make you feel better and his knowledge of a variety of techniques and oils assists in the treatment. Make your appointment directly with him and pay by credit card when you settle your bill.

    The tranquillity of the surroundings adds to the overall feeling of wellness.

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