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    wildnerness is located just outside of Windhoek on the B1 road. Their rooms are

    comfortable and are decorated with rustic furnishings. The thatched roof in

    conjunction with the ceiling fan provides both the hot and cold feel for a

    pleasant climate.The rooms are also equipped with an en-suite bathroom with

    water-saving single-level mixers and hot water is permanently available.

    The lodge offers

    a host of activities, giving guests a pure African experience on nearby farms

    where they would get to see local and rare wildlife such as lions, leopards and

    cheetahs. There is also a market where guests can purchase all sorts of African

    curios and art or visit the nearby capital with all its various attractions.

    There is also horseriding available at the lodge, guests can experience the

    Namibian nature from a different perspective . Guests can be taken out on a dry

    river and experience the variety of the birdlife on offer, the rock formations

    and the breathtaking sunset.

    The lodge prides

    itself on offering great value for money, excellent accommodation, scrumptious

    cuisine and it prides itself above all this, on offering all these with

    personal service that has a family touch. For more information visit the

    Wilderness lodge’s website.

Immanuel Wilderness Lodge General Details

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  • +264 61260901
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  • Postal Address:
  • P.O. Box 3305, Windhoek


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