Omaruru Game Lodge


    The lodge is situated in a private game park of 3400 ha. From the main road the visitor drives through the game, passing by rhinos, gnus, zebras and ostriches until finally reaching the ring-fenced carport of the lodge. The lodge is built in the midst of a green oasis with unique woodlands and palm trees with natural gardens which protect from the heat of the African sun.

    The lodge was designed by a Swiss architect in the traditional African round house style with grass roofs and fitted perfectly in the landscape. The lodge is famous for the large number of game and offers to visitors the real Namibian wildlife adventure; at eye level with rhinos, Zebras, giraffes, Eland Oryx, Gnus, Kudus and other African antelopes as well as leopard and cheetahs etc.

    The guest bungalows are situated around a big waterhole in the shadow of the large palm and sycamore trees. Each bungalow has its own patio. From there one can watch the scenery of African wildlife and submerge in the ambiance of the lodge or simply enjoy a refreshing bath in the pool.

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