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    Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge invites you to experience the Namib desert combined with memorable hospitality, personalized service and soul reaching tranquility. 11 traditional African style round buildings with en-suite facilities and own balcony are naturally integrated in the surroundings and offer unlimited views across the Namib. An excellent choice for the ultimate African holiday.


    Endless vastness and calming stillness. The eyes wander across the desert, which presents itself in a bright array of colours and light.

    The soft splashes of water playfully

    take you into another world of peace and serenity, while a comfortable lounger

    invites you to relax and enjoy a delicious cocktail, under the shadows of the

    thatched and wooden lapa.

    Hiking trails in the desert of Namibia, sand dunes and canyons ( 10 different unguided hiking trails, 1 - 8 hours) :

    The walking trails of Rostock Ritz have been created so that our guests can experience and enjoy the stillness of the Namib Desert. Various species of birds and wildlife can be observed in the vastness of nature. Our guests can choose from a variety of hiking trails, depending on length and perserverance. A map indicating the routes is available at the reception of the lodge.

    Scenic drives and trips in the Namib Desert:

    Scenic drive – 2 hours
    You will experience the beauty of our semi-desert in one of our all-terrain vehicles. Red sand dunes will rise before you and glow across the hilly landscape. We will discover rare desert plants and perhaps a few Hartmann-Zebras. Spectacular views across the endless desert will lead us to the final awesome viewpoint, ending this rather short tour with the delight of a “sundowner”. (Starting time: Winter 16:00, Summer 17:30)
    4x4 drive – Bushman paintings – 4 hours

    This genuine 4x4 drive will bring you close into the landscape and geology of

    the oldest desert you will ever find! A short up-climb will reward you with a

    gallery of a thousand year old rock paintings, preserved in our so called

    Rotstockberge. They are still in good condition and have been created by

    generations of Bushmen. From a point with a spectacular view we will enjoy the

    surrounding nature with a delicious “sundowner”. (Starting time: Winter 14:00,

    Summer 15:30)

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