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    “A sense of place in an archaeological landscape”

    The Barnard Family is honored to welcome you at Spitzkoppen Lodge. The same owners and developers of Kalahari Bush Breaks Lodge, have the privilege to share their dream come true of an exclusive destination on the edge of the Namib Desert, which started some 14 years ago. You are invited to indulge in the pleasure and passion of a friendly service in a relaxed ambiance.

    The lodge is situated on the northern periphery of the Spitzkoppe inselberg, between huge granite boulders, which were created more than 150 million years ago, with breath taking views onto the Brandberg and Erongo Mountains. The stylish, private accommodation consists of 15 spacious, tastefully furnished chalets, each with private bathroom and outside viewing deck, which connects the guest with the vast stretches of untouched sand and boulders beyond.

    The buildings are linked with elevated walkways all constructed to be wheel chair friendly and minimize the impact on the environment. The development and operations are integrated with nature. Limited use of concrete with elevated floors and decks and composite materials for walls, which can be dismantled easily, will enable nature to restore itself in just a few months after deconstruction. Sensitivity towards wildlife and heritage was paramount in all the stages of the development. The tented roof shapes simulate the surrounding rock formations and soften the square building plan form.

    Water, which is unfit for human consumption is sourced from boreholes and purified with our own reverse osmosis plant. The lodge is connected to the national grid by way of a 5km long underground cable for its electricity supply, all to ensure minimum disturbance of the spectacular archaeological landscape.

    We guarantee an intoxicating experience by these ancient landscapes, which delve into the visitor’s spirit. Take time to let your heart, mind and soul to take in all that we have to offer and be assured it will never leave you…

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