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    Windhoek Textile Distributors specializes in the supply of upmarket and luxurious home Textiles.

    General Information

    Luxurious bed linen, toweling, tablecloths, serviettes, placemats, rugs and much more.
    Fitted sheets and flat sheets which are 100% cotton, poly cotton, flaness or toweling
    Mattress and pillow protectors in all sizes, quilted or in toweling, dry bed protctors, bed wraps, base covers
    Duvet inners all sizes: goose down, duck down, comfy curl/puff washable cotton outer anti allergic, hollow fibre
    Pillows (45x70), american (50x90), Continental (80x80)
    Scatter cushions in all kind of sizes
    Blankets in all sizes (top quality for hospitality)
    Bathmats (50x70) in toweling 800 gsm, bathmats 100% cotton, beach towels in assorted colours
    Face cloths (30x30), hand towels (50x90), bath towel (70x130), bath sheet (90x175), available in 450 gsm, 570 gsm, egyptian cotton in many colours
    Snag free 550 gsm face cloths (30x30), hand towels (50x90), bath towels (70x130) and bath sheets (90x175)
    Serviettes, overlays, runners, tablecloths in all sizes and colours, as well as plastic table cloths
    Place mats assorted Kitchen towels and swaps, shower curtains
    Woven rugs in assorted colours as bathmats, bedise or for the lounge
    curtain material

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