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read moreDate: 2011-12-16 HAN joins ATTA

The Hospitality Association of Namibia is the latest member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association based in Seattle, USA. See details and benefits of this partnership attached

read moreDate: 2012-04-04 Namibia in Top 3 for ATTA bid

attached an exciting media release on Namibia's results on its bid to host the Adventure Travel World Summit in 2013

read moreDate: 2013-03-12 Property along the Kwando River

FOR SALE: Prime property on the bank of the Kwando River! While Ngulu is currently a private home, it is a good site for a lodge as well, with the Bwabwata National Park just across the River. Ngulu is 20km north of Kongola and just 2km south of the Angolan/Zambian border with an excellent gravel road leading up to the gate. If nature and tranquility is for you, contact Len Ward after hours @ 081 3020201.
"If interested and situated in Windhoek, please send an email to the following addresses and we will gladly advise where you can collect an CD of info and pictures. [email protected] or [email protected] "

read moreDate: 2014-01-16 WTM Africa: a new concept- new beginning

attached an infomation on what is planned for the first ever World Travel Market Africa, to take place in Cape Town from 28 April to 4 May this year.

read moreDate: 2014-01-31 Training Levy becomes reality

Attached the Namibian government gazette pertaining to the long-awaited and discussed Training levy, due for implementation from 1 April 2014.

read moreDate: 2014-01-31 Namibian Training levy- explanation

attached an information document on Namibia's training levy to be implemented in April.

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read moreDate: 2015-04-08 The Livingstone bi-weekly: March/April 2015

attached the latest news of the KAZA region

HAN Statisticsback to top

read moreDate: 2012-02-01 HAN Stats 2011 year

Attached the annual occupancy statistics report for 2011, as per submissions by HAN members

read moreDate: 2012-07-30 HAN Statistics 2012 - 1. quarter

Attached is the first quarter occupancy statistics report compiled by HAN, based on submission by its members. Reflects a slight increase on 2011 figures!

read moreDate: 2012-07-30 HAN Statistics 2012 - 2. quarter

Attached is the second quarter occupancy statistics report compiled by HAN, based on submission by its members. This report also reflects a slight increase on 2011 figures for the same period, - so have we reached the end of the tunnel yet?

read moreDate: 2012-11-06 HAN Statistics 2012 - 3. quarter

Attached the third quarter occupancy report for 2012, as per submissions received from HAN members

read moreDate: 2013-03-20 HAN 2012 stats, 4th quarter

attached the 4th quarter report on room and bed occupancy among HAN members, - tourism accomodation

read moreDate: 2013-03-20 HAN Stats 2012 - the year

the year that was. 2012 in occupancy statistics.'

Will 2013 be better?

read moreDate: 2013-04-29 2013 first quarter stats report

Attached is the first draft of the first quarter of 2013's room and bed occupancies. It would seem as though the performance/occupancy is improving, - sadly the report is based on far fewer individual submission reports than in previous years.

read moreDate: 2013-09-30 2013 HAN stats 2nd quarter

Attached the 2nd quarter room and bed occupancy report compiled by HAN on figures submitted by HAN members

read moreDate: 2013-10-24 HAN Stats of the 3rd quarter 2013

despite declining submissions of individual reports from members, the results of the occupancy reports for July-September 2013 look up on the same period last year!

read moreDate: 2014-03-04 HAN Stats 4th quarter 2013

attached is the report on hospitality occupancy statistics for the 4th quarter 2013

read moreDate: 2014-03-04 2013 HAN Stats report

Attached the latest draft of the 2013 room and bed occupancy figures for the Namibian hospitality industry, based on figures submitted to HAN!

read moreDate: 2014-07-23 2014 first quarter report

Attached is the first quarter report of HAN occupancy figures as submitted by members

read moreDate: 2014-07-23 2nd quarter HAN occupancy stats 2014

attached the second quarter HAN occupancy stats for 2014, based on the number of submissions received by HAN members. Wish there were more people contributing though!!

FNB Enrouteback to top

read moreDate: 2014-01-16 FNB Tourism Business Index

Attached the latest Namibia tourism business index, based on figures, opinions and input from a wide spectrum of key tourism stakeholders. The next survey is underway to determine the 4th quarter index -

read moreDate: 2014-07-23 FNB tourism bueiness index 1. quarter 2014

Attached the first quarter 2014 Namibia tourism business index.

Environmental Newsback to top

read moreDate: 2012-01-25 EnviroScope 68

an intesting newsletter on environmental issues, forwarded to HAN by EcoAwards Namibia

read moreDate: 2012-01-25 EnviroScope 69

another newsltetter by EnviroScope

read moreDate: 2012-01-25 Rhino and buck

an interesting piece of comparison between the rhino and a little buck, the Vicuna

read moreDate: 2012-01-25 Raptors Namibia

a newsletter for bird lovers by Raptors Namibia

read moreDate: 2012-02-01 Bannermann EIA Amendments

Intensive studies have been conducted in lieu of Bannerman Resources uranium exploration in the Namib. Attached a summary document in view of the upcoming public meetings.

read moreDate: 2012-02-01 Environmental Calendar 2012

EcoAwards Namibia Alliance has drafted a calendar of interesting dates in 2012. see attached

read moreDate: 2012-02-06 Namibia's Go Green Economy

After lengthy discussions and debate, the following report was compiled on Namibia's chances for a go-green economy

read moreDate: 2012-02-28 EnviroScope 7

Interested in the Environment? - zebra strips and cockcroaches, - learn all about them!

read moreDate: 2012-02-28 Wolwedans - leading example

Wolwedans this week launched its sustainability strategy, - showcasing solar-hybrid technology applied at the lodge. Perfect example of how to do things RIGHT!

read moreDate: 2012-02-28 NEWS - environmental news

Attached the February newsletter of Namibia Environmental and Wildlife Society, NEWS!

read moreDate: 2012-04-12 EnviroScope March 2012

interesting environmental news in the attached file!

read moreDate: 2012-04-16 SA Rural community Tourism

SA Tourism Minister introduces new rural tourism concepts. Makes for inspiring reading

read moreDate: 2012-04-16 Rhino's - a statutory burden

Is a dead rhino worth more, that one alive? A perspective of a SA farmer

read moreDate: 2012-06-05 EnviroScope May 2012

keep updated on environmental news, by reading the attached.

read moreDate: 2012-07-02 EnviroScope June 2012

Environmental news packaged by EnviroScope! Makes for eye-opening reading

read moreDate: 2012-07-25 Bio Trade Namibia

Namibia is very much in support of fair and bio trade practices worldwide, and hosted a workshop to discuss some of the most important issues on Bio Trade in Windhoek recently. Attached the summary of proceedings.

read moreDate: 2012-09-19 EnviroScope August 2012

updated news on environmental issues in tourism. take tips!

Team Namibiaback to top

read moreDate: 2012-01-31 Team Namibia Jan 2012

Newsflash of happenings of Team Namibia

read moreDate: 2012-04-04 Team Namibia March 2012

Team Namibia has a new manager and dynamic team, - read all about it in the attached newsflash

read moreDate: 2012-04-12 Team Namibia April 2012

news on team namibia

read moreDate: 2012-05-15 Team Namibia May 2012

attached the latest newsflash of Team Namibia

read moreDate: 2012-06-05 Team Namibia May 2012

Attached the latest newsletter of Team Namibia, - Team Namibia AGM is on 13 June 2012.

read moreDate: 2012-09-19 Team Namibia September 2012

Team Namibia is gaining momentum and picking up speed. Great news! Read all about it.

read moreDate: 2013-05-17 Team Namibia News May 2013

Attached the latest news letter of Team Namibia

HAN Member newsback to top

read moreDate: 2015-04-08 Otjiwa Safari Lodge hosts major Wildlife Auction in May

Attached details and contact number for this years major game and wildlife auction, to be held at Otjiwa on 23/24 May. Be sure to register, should you be interested.

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read moreDate: 2012-08-30 Test


Tourism Dialogue Presentationsback to top

read moreDate: 2013-05-31 Namibian Tourism Growth Strategy

attached the Presentation by Tourism Director Sem Shikongo on the draft Tourism Growth Strategy, referring to legal framework, including inter-ministerial committee and Tourism Advisory Council as well as objectives with concessions and conservancies as tool to spread tourism activity and benefits to all.

read moreDate: 2013-05-31 National Planning Commission on Tourism

attached the presentation by the NPC on Tourism as reflected in the National Development Plan 4, which aims to transfer Namibia to the most competitive tourism destination in Africa by 2017, reflects on major plans for national parks, joint venture projects and other SME promotion efforts to enhance tourism.

read moreDate: 2013-05-31 NTB and regulation of tourism of the future

At the Tourism Dialogue, NTB CEO Digu Naobeb introduced innovative thinking of tourism regulatory procedures of the future, - in response to calls from the industry on over-regulation. Makes for interesting reading, and raises hopes that implementation of such mindsets could be seen in the near future.

read moreDate: 2013-05-31 Issues affecting Toruism: private sector perspective

HAN/FENATA Chairman made presentation on the issues Private Sector perceives are hampering tourism growth and development. Here a summary

read moreDate: 2013-05-31 Voluntourism: what it is and means to Namibia

NVTF chairman Dr Rudie van Vuuren made impressive representation of the value volun-tourism holds for the Namibian tourism industry, - and highlighted the legal and bureaucratic obstacles faced that threaten to ruin this important niche market!

read moreDate: 2013-05-31 Eco Awards Alliance

Following a very impressive presentation on the value of sustainable tourism - as a way to go for international tourism by Keith Sproule, EcoAwards Alliance co-ordinator Hazel Milne invited the tourism industry to come on board of the Namibian eco-rating system as ticket to the international trend, - here her presentation and contact details.

read moreDate: 2013-05-31 Southern Roads in Namibia- future plans

Attached is a draft of the Aus - Betanie - Solitaire- Walvis Bay Road link study just concluded by Roads Authority and ready for public comment. Tour operators and lodges/guest farms in that area will be particularly interested to read what is planned. Feel free to comment.

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read moreDate: 2014-01-17 MET Minister welcomes 2013 ATWS delegates

copy of the Environment and Tourism Minister's speech during the welcoming of ATWS 2013 delegates in Windhoek's parliament garden.

read moreDate: 2014-01-17 MET Minister addresses ATWS 2013 Desert dinner

copy of the speech by Environment and Tourism Minister at the official welcoming Namibia desert dinner of ATWS 2013 attache

NTA & Training Newsback to top

read moreDate: 2015-02-17 NTA Stakeholder Newsletter January 2015

Attached an informative Newsletter from the NTA, with news on job-attachment schemes, the VET levy and much more.

My Destination Namibia - website marketingback to top

read moreDate: 2015-04-27 My Destination Namibia - going global

HAN members are invited to consider joining the world trend in international global marketing through the platform My Destination. This is a Global Brand that caters for the International traveler to different Destinations in the world. They have created a network of Local Experts in the different destinations that run a franchise like we do with My Destination Namibia. My Destination Global ensures that they are found on the first pages in the search engines, if people are searching the web for their holiday arrangements. We at My Destination Namibia ensure that we have relevant, authentic and unique content on our site. My.Na is directly in synergy with My Destination - Where My.Na focuses on Namibians My Destination focuses on Foreign visitors. For more info, click on the attached pdf file. Wilko Aschenborn runs (My Namibia) and Intouch (they create Websites, the Teazer’s and Virtual Tours).

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