H·A·N Member Benefits

All Members benefit from the following value added services:

  • Regular Newsletter
  • Dedicated page on the HAN Website: www.HANnamibia.com
  • Participation at Annual Congress & HTTF
  • Membership cards with special discounted rates at various establishments. The card is linked to that of FEDHASA in South Africa and is recognized in Namibia, RSA, Zimbabwe and Zambia
  • Channel of communication with FENATA, the NTB and other government bodies
  • Group membership to the NEF
  • Legal and labour relations advice through a consultant, including telephone hot-line
  • Special insurance rates by Alexander Forbes
  • Prosperity Namibia Medical Scheme
  • Highly favourable credit card rates to full members with Standard Bank of Namibia
  • Special Avis Card Hire rates (on presentation of Membership Card)
  • Special discount on TV licenses with 10 TV's and more
  • Discounted formal training at NATH and the Namibia Hotel School
  • Tourism Group Pension Fund / Orion – Old Mutual

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